Miko and miko


Doubull-Mastiff - (Bullmastiff x Mastiff mix)

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Hanover pk IL




2-4 Years







Champion Bloodline


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I have 2 bullmastiff boys. They are studs and both are looking for a girlfriend. Milo and Miko father and son. Milo is Brindle and Miko is fawn. Milo is 4 years and miko is 2 years old. These boys are very healthy, loyal, loving, smart, protectors. They both are very vocal, and loves car rides, and when it's time to go to bed they will let you know. On a good day they will tell you.. I love you. Miko will let you know that he has to go out by saying outttt. Milo tells you I love you. MILO loves watching TV. He is very smart when it comes to playing by the pool he is the lifeguard.. Milo has had 2 litters in the past. All came out huge and healthy. Miko hasn't had a girlfriend yet.. They are both studs. They are all up-to-date on their vaccines. They are both Akc certified. Looking for a girlfriend. Looking to stud my boys with a healthy bullmastiff girlfriend. We are located in Illinois. Looking to stay local. Please contact me if interested in breeding your AKC healthy bullmastiff.


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Email: ycookg@yahoo.com

Located: Hanover pk IL

About the Owner: I am an animal lover. I've had/have bullmastiff my whole life. I have 2 male bullmastiffs. 1 fawn and 1 brindle. Very smart lovable, attentive, Loyal, protectors. Milo is 4 and miko is 2. Father and son. Milo the dad is Brindle, And miko the son is fawn. They are both looking for a girlfriend.

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