About Us

TLDR; We basically love dogs, and want to help people find great dogs.

As Dog lovers ourselves, we put Fetch Fido together to make it easier to help people find the pets they are searching for. While this sounds like a simple task, everyone has individual tastes or needs likes Color, Breed, or Temperment. So people asking questions, like, "Would this dog make a great pointer?" or having requirements like, "I need a calmer dog for my current lifestyle" can now find what they are looking for.

Yet you may not always find what you are looking for. So, not only did we want Fetch Fido to help people find pets, but we also wanted to make it easier for people to stay up to date on how a Dog is doing through the use of Posts, and Following. We are hoping this Follow feature helps breeders notify buyers that a pregnant dog is taking reservations, or they can see the latest photos. If you are ever at a loss, and cant find what you are looking for, then just search for Pregnant Moms, and Follow them or reach out to their owners about making reservations on their upcoming litter.

Social Aspects

Fetch Fido isnt meant to just be a site, where people can buy and sell dogs. We know most people already use sites like Instagram, or Facebook to connect with potential dog buyers. Yet, we added an optional Comments Feature for each dogs Post Feed in hopes that Fetch Fido becomes a community where people can escape politics and just talk about dogs or simply get their questions answered.

We really hope you enjoy using Fetch Fido as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Our Dogs, Penny and Ruby.