About Us

TLDR; We basically love dogs, and want to help people find great dogs.

Fetch Fido, LLC was Founded and Developed by Aaron McKeehan and Naomi McKeehan, initially as a side project but it has quickly grown into a larger application.

As dog lovers ourselves, we put Fetch Fido together as a social place for other dog lovers to share their dogs life. A major aspect of our service also makes it easier to help people find the pets they are searching for, whether they are studs, puppies, or a rescue.

You can find our dogs here on Fetch Fido:




Why not just use Instagram?

Instagram isn’t a place for dogs, it’s a major Social Media application with users posting everything they want including Politics, to Food photos. A dogs life is more than just a feed of photos. Unlike Instagram, Fetch Fido has data pertaining to dogs, whether they are champions, rescues, puppies, or stud dogs. Outside of a search using mostly hashtags, Instagram isn’t built around enabling you to comb through various breeds while verifying which of those are AKC, or of a Champion Pedigree. On Instagram you will get a feed of photos, intermixed with other non-dog related photos, ads, and no verification method to ensure you are dealing with legitimate dog owners.

How does Fetch Fido Work?

Fetch Fido is organized first by dog owners, and then by the dogs they own. Yet, dogs are the main attraction, not their owners. Owners, at the moment, do not have their own listings page. Simply creating a profile for yourself wont help you get discovered; this site is not about people, as much as it is about dogs. So, as a dog owner you can list as many of your dogs as you wish for free. To build rapport, and trust, you can verify your dogs using our verification tool. In the not too distant future we will begin utilizing a scoring mechanism to make sure the best “verified“ dogs are first.

Yet not only did we want Fetch Fido to help people find pets. We also wanted to make it easier for people to stay up to date on a dogs adventure, through the use of traditional social media such as Posts, Following, Likes, and Comments. We believe these features will help the community of dog owners improve the dog owning experience.

We really hope you enjoy using Fetch Fido as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Our Dogs, Penny and Ruby.