How Dog Listings are Ranked

While we cant entirely divulge how our ranking algorithm works, we can discuss a few principles and a few practical things you can do to improve your dogs ranking.

The principles of our ranking algorithm.

Really, ask yourself what someone is looking for when they are trying to find a quality dog. They would want to see a lot of photos of the dog, have a lot of details, maybe see some videos, and a good description of what the dog is like; is it proven, how many times has it had a successful litter, what sort of of food does it eat, does it need AI, what is its living situation, etc. Then if the owner has a unique profile photo, a good description about themselves, and their website, users can better narrow down their search results to find the dog thats right for their living situation.

Users are visiting Fetch Fido to literally "Fetch Fido", so creating a high quality listing seperates your dog from the rest of the pack(pun intended).

What you can pratically do to improve rankings.

To assist users with their search, we utilize a scoring system focused on the quality of the dog listing coupled with the quality of the owners profile. We take into account how detailed the dog and owner profiles are, how many dog photos are available, how engaged is the owner on our platform(are they liking dogs, liking posts, commenting), etc.

The singlemost thing you can do to improve your dogs ranking, fast.

Getting your dog verified, or Featured will have the largest impact on your dogs ranking. Learn More about Getting Verified. or Get Featured.

How often are dog rankings calculated?

Each dogs "score" is calculated every 15 minutes. If you do not see your dog in the listings after you add it, keep in mind that its ranking has not been calculated yet.

We hope this sort of system encourages our users to strive to create great profiles, engage with others, and make Fetch Fido a welcome place for dog lovers.