Get Verified FAQ

Fetch Fido enables anyone to create a dog profile, for any purpose, whether it be Studding, Saving a Rescue, Breeding or simply Sharing their story. To protect users from bad actors, we have a 3 prong approach to verification.

What do I need to verify my dog?

  • A Driver License or State issued ID.
  • A clear photo of you with your dog.
  • Depending on the verification, we may require AKC, OFA, and Championship documentation depending on what you have stated on your dogs profile.

Why is verification important?

  • Verification proves to potential customers that you are not a scammer.
  • It improves the quality of our listings, improving our exposure, improving your leads.
  • Your dogs ranking on Fetch Fido is improved, and placed in its own Verified category.
  • Outside of Fetch Fido you can share your listing, proving it has been verified by a third party.
  • It improves your dogs listing ranking. Learn more about how rankings are determined here.

What is not included in the verification?

There are various items that we cannot verify.

  • Since we cant spend an entire lifteime with a pet, we cant be there to verify its Temperments.
  • We do not verify if a Stud has been Proven.
  • Outside of what may be listed on a dogs registration, we do not verify a dogs age, spay or neutering, and whatever other details may be provided in a dogs or owners profile.
  • We are not an intermediary between a customer, and a dog owner using our site, so a customer still must perform their own Due Diligence to ensure the person they are dealing with is legitimate.

What do we do with your paperwork?

Your documents are reviewed, and then encrypted and stored on a secure server. If you cancel your verification subscription, the documents are deleted. We do not share our verification data with third parties.

Verification Types

If a dog has an AKC Registration “claim”, the AKC Verification Subscription is required, since we need to review your AKC documentation. Our Standard Verification Subscription would apply to all non-AKC registered dogs. 

What does Verification Cost?

We divide our Standard, and AKC Verification Subscription into Yearly and Monthly Subscriptions. If you want to try our Verification Service, we recommend using the Monthly Subscription. While a Yearly Plan costs half of the Monthly Plan over the course of the year, if you want to use it long term.

What if Verification fails?

If we cannot verify your dog using the documents you provided, we will reach out to you via email for clarification. If we do not hear back within 72 hours, your payment will be refunded, and Verification cancelled.

How can I end my Subscription?

On your Account, select Billing, your active Verification Subscriptions will be displayed, and click the Cancel Subscription link.

If I have a litter of puppies, do I have to pay for Verification on each puppy?

To verify the puppies in the litter, a Verification on the Mother of the litter will verify the puppies. (At the moment this must be requested via Emai).