Adolpho Stalin


German Shepherd Dog

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Baltimore MD




2-4 Years







Champion Bloodline




Get to know Adolpho Stalin

Adolpho Stalin is a service dog. A lot of people tend to shy away from from him because of his name. Well, Adolpho means Noble or Majestic Wolf while Stalin means Man of Steel. Adolpho encompasses both of these names fully. When he’s working he’s the best at performing all his needed tasks and he never leaves my side. He is trained to perform many tasks and loves learning more. When he’s not training or working he can be found playing with his feline brother, laying under me or my feet or trying to get everyone to play with one of his toys. His favorite being his red ball. He’s very much a happy pup and usually gets his way when he’s not working. He’s a spoiled pup since it’s just him and his feline brother. He hasn’t been around many other dogs and we are hoping to change this with introductions to others like him. We are studding Adolpho but this will be his first time so he has no proven litters as of yet. We’re looking to stud him for pick of the litter to start with because I want to keep his line.


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Phone: 4104191727


Located: Baltimore MD

About the Owner: I’m an all around animal lover. I’m married living with my two fur babies. I have one dog a German Shepherd, Adolpho Stalin. People tend to wonder about Adolpho’s name so here goes. Adolpho means: Noble or Majestic Wolf and Stalin means: Man of Steel. Both of which Adolpho is. Hopefully more people will take the time to know him instead of fearing his name. He’s a great dog and an even better service dog to me.

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