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Very obedient, smart, loving, soft and disciplined. 75 lbs , female, chocolate in color. She is trained to do many tricks. She can sit, stay, shake, high five, lay down, roll over, fetch, and even hide and seek.She listens very well to the point you can walk her off leash but is leash trained as well. She is friendly around other animals even cats. She visits the dog parks often and is very excited to meet new dogs and people. Nova also picks up on things quickly. She is a quick learner and eager to please. She does get excited easily and loves when someone new walks into the room. She tends to bark and run to the door when someone comes home. Often times she will grab a toy and squeak begging you to play with her. She does have a tendency to beg for food when you're eating but that's easily avoided by telling her to go lay down. She is comfortable with sleeping alone but she likes sleeping in the bed with you. She has no health issues and has all her vaccines. At the dog park she is usually shy at first but warms up very quickly and playing with dogs that she finds friendly(she is submissive). Good with small dogs and children. She is a pure breed Chocolate Labrador Retriever.


CalmGood with other DogsBarksLeash TrainedLoves PeopleObediantGood with Cats

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Located: Thornton CO

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