Malti-Poo - (Maltese x Poodle mix)

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Port Saint Lucie FL




1-2 Years







Champion Bloodline


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Meet Harley, our enchanting Maltipoo stud. This little bundle of joy brings sunshine into any room he enters. His fur is a soft and fluffy cloud of white that feels like cotton candy to the touch. Harley's eyes radiate intelligence and affection, reflecting a depth of understanding far beyond his years. Despite his diminutive size, Harley possesses a personality that is larger than life itself. He isn't merely a pet; he is a companion, a comforter, and an unyielding friend whose loyalty is unmatched. Harley's intelligence is truly remarkable. He can decipher complex tasks, understand intricate commands, and has an uncanny knack for sensing human emotions. Yet, it's his sweetness that truly sets him apart. It's in the unconditional love he offers, the excited wag of his tail at the sight of familiar faces, the warm cuddles he gives, and the sweet kisses he showers. Embodying the epitome of cuteness, Harley's button-like nose, floppy ears, and playful antics are impossible to resist. His delightful quirks and habits, like the curious tilt of his head or the comforting snuggle when he senses you're upset, make him simply irresistible. We are offering Harley as a stud for a female Maltipoo who shares his intelligence, sweetness, and charm. A mate for Harley, but also a chance to create a new generation of Maltipoos that embody Harley's delightful traits. We believe that Harley's offspring would be a perfect blend of joy, adorability, and smarts - little bundles of happiness ready to fill homes with love and laughter, one wagging tail at a time.

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Harley Barley

Email: lisa@cherab.org

Located: Port Saint Lucie FL

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